• Submission

    by  • July 21, 2010 • 1 Comment

    cram 9

    Cover letter Object to cover my nakedness that was revealed by my poem. Letter which when opened exposes truth, beauty, grit. Submission Here, do with my poem what you will. Simultaneous submission In unison, all of my voices ask to be heard. Manuscript Writings on my self. A container for wandering thoughts. Contact information...

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    Cram 9

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    One of my poems has been selected for publication in Cram Volume 9: Poetry In The First, better known as Cram 9. Selected for publication was my poem titled ‘Submission’. I was preparing a letter with questions I had about submitting poetry to a journal. Some of the guidelines for publication seemed unclear to...

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    Poetry reading filming for CATV

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    A number of us from the poetry writers group that meets at the Norwich VT Public Library gathered yesterday in Sharon VT. The day was hot, flowers were blooming, and words were spinning. We were filmed for a show due to be broadcast on our local community access TV, CATV. Luckily I didn’t throw...

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    Do you ever read privacy or licensing blurbs?

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    …this one from an analytics tool for twitter search says that you retain ownership of your content, but give over rights to SNS Analytics http://w.sns.ly/in every way they have imagined, or not thought up yet…GEEZ.. “While you own all of your own User-Generated Content, you hereby grant us, our licensees of the Applications and...

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    Librarian Instincts

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    lyrical librarian

    Like a cat who circles before bedding down or the stag-horn beetles in territorial mating fights the dog who bats around a bird once flying freely. I corral a thought here catch a phrase there dig deeper for nuances that feed my spirit in the search reveals an answer to your query. My breath...

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