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    I have an invitation to a experience another culture. It’s not a far away foreign country nor is it nearby French Canada, nor frugal farmstand fresh swing dance spinning New England. I’ve been invited to a private event. Private as in 1000 invitations sent by text message to cell phones 2 hours before the happening begins. Private as in held in collaboration with the MoMA and PopRally. Another culture as in a generation of creative young professionals – or professional wannabes. This is a working event hosted by LVHRD and it’s sold out.





    I am fully dressed in new clothes and feel rather naked. My velvet pants and top have no pockets. I can’t believe that designers still get away with creating clothing for women that have no pockets. But more so I feel naked because I am at an event where I know no one except my son and his girlfriend and both of them are working here.












    And to get into the party I had to give up my cell phone…


























    At the entrance to the event, the phones were sealed in a bag and passed along to a worker to be
    hung on ‘The Wall’.





















    You can obtain your phone at any time, but to do so is your exit ticket, you must leave the event.









    Why is LVHRD promoting this event? To create a situation that causes reflection on the use of cell phones in social situations and to stop SMC, Severe Micro-Cellulotamination.

    So I can’t call my friends, surf the net, write an email, edit my todo list, play a game or take photos. No, nearly the only thing to do is to wander around and talk to people. I can’t even call a friend to talk about what it is like not to be able to use the phone.

    I don’t have my cell phone and do not know what time it is. I don’t have my cell phone and I can’t act like I’m busy when I’m not. NYC is dark and cars and cabs and cab cycles are rushing around. The streets are black as the night, starlight is bright, no those were headlights. I’d forgotten for a moment that I was no longer in New England.

    I see red, blue, white, orange, green lights on cell phones all blinking, ringing, attempting to connect with the owners who have been seperated from their device. A group of people have lined up just to stare at the wall.








    You can’t even hear the phones, nearly 1000 of them, over the cacaphony of talking and music from Art rock band Les Savy Fav.

    It was rather easy to get into the nature of being there. I started talking to a young man standing next to me. I mentioned how my phone was on the wall with the others, but mine was silent and dark. I had entered the event early with a few other parents of LVHRD/thehappycorp employees and in the rush to get started they forgot to tell me to leave my phone turned on. So he thought that I might not have even brought a cell phone of my own. I assured him that my phone was on the wall tho silent and still. He insisted on seeing my tagged bracelet to verify that I too was playing the game. I rolled up my sleeve and showed him number 44A.







    LVHRD – (CLL) PHN-LCKN as an event continued even after the installation was taken down and the MoMA locked its’ doors. Voicemail messesges were left for attendees, videos were created and plans are ongoing to bring LVHRD – (CLL) PHN-LCKN to a city near you. You can see a stop action video of the whole event and ‘The Wall’ installation at this LVHRD website.

    (CLL) PHN-LCKN also has a video to view when you dial the number 830 (try it!)

    LVHRD is sponsored by thehappycorp global whose goal mission statement appears to be ‘Improving gross national happiness through the invention, management, and maintenance of the world’s most progressive brands and ideas.’









    I am one proud mama to see my son be part of creating this successful event!

    Post event videos and other resources are available including a compressed video of the whole setup and event in under 1.5 minutes!

    CLLPHNLCKN – I’m in this video somewhere 🙂

    (CLL) PHN LCKN ’09 Instructions



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