• Twisters

    by  • August 17, 2007 • New Hampshire, Upper Valley • 0 Comments

    I woke up to the sound of tree chippers. I’m not sure where some of my lawn furniture went. Part of a tree split and landed on the duplex next to mine as pictured above. I saw the spinning tree branches and ran into my basement hoping the house wouldn’t blow away. Around the corner from me I saw two cars with a tree on top, one of the cars looks totaled. I like basements.

    I know now that a funnel cloud was what hit us yeaterday from a neighbor’s report, not just severe storm winds. I noticed the counterclockwise rotation of the wind as is typical of tornados in the northern hemisphere, that’s when I ran into my basement…No storm chaser here! I really wanted to see if there was a funnel cloud nearby, wanted to go outside and watch the storm. But I know too well their immense strength and damage potential. I grew up in the midwest with frequent tornado drills at school. Many times we sat out storm watches at home in our basement and I often thought of Dorothy and the tornado scene in the Wizard of Oz. This storm hit fast and I had no warning, and barely enough time to realize what was happening.



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