• Political will is a renewable resource

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    Al Gore spoke at the SLA annual conference in Denver. His statement that political will is a renewable resourceĀ hit a chord with me. With applause cheers and someone in the audience waving a newspaper with the headline ‘RECOUNT’, Al Gore gave the keynote talk on Sunday eve. Preceeded by humor and seriousness, Lexis Nexis introduced Al Gore by giving a detailed time series presentation showing the impact of An Inconvenient Truth on the numbers of published news reports.

    noted during Gore’s speech:
    *The increased need for information professionals with the flood of increased access to information content.

    *The closure of the EPA libraries and applauded those EPA librarians who are hanging in there.

    *He discussed information as a strategic resource.

    *Wiretapping citizen conversations is essentially adding more hay to the needle in the haystack hunt.

    #worked as an Army reporter carrying an M16 and a pencil
    and later became an investigative reporter

    #talked about how being a reporter helped him become an elected official because ‘It’s all about information’.

    #Implored information professionals to work on information policies to allow reasonable access to information such as net neutrality.

    posted live from the convention center

    (Reposted from the SLA Blog 2007. And reprinted in One-Person Library. Aug2007, Vol. 24 Issue 4, p3-10. 8p


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