• Waste Reduction

    by  • June 24, 2010 • Dartmouth College, Libraries/Librarians • 0 Comments

    My college is implementing an enhanced recycling plan. All trash cans have been removed from our offices. Many have also been removed from our public areas as well. We are a full service library. We receive a lot of junk mail that needs to be discarded. We have a print station for students and they do not always leave with their printouts.

    I wanted to discard a piece of junk mail. After I removed the plastic wrapper I put the paper in one of our old and large paper recycling bins that was hidden and has not been removed….and I’m hoping that we can keep it.

    So my next task was to throw out the plastic wrapper. It sort of fit in a small plastic container meant for our real waste. Some of this must be thought out further. What works for an individual office space will quickly spill over in our public areas, even for recyclables.


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