• Quark/Antiquark

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    I – a student living in Oxford
    charmed by flavors of Marmite, pub food
    kippers and afternoon tea by the Cherwell
    studying the classics,logic
    the mind-body problem.

    You – a squash player
    living in a flat with no bath
    walking the street with passport
    in pocket for any sudden urge to
    travel across the Channel.

    Teatime with your math group
    unfolded a passionate explosive scribbling
    of ideas on any flat surface –
    napkin, chalk board, any table top.

    At night we shared tea and biscuits
    in my bedsit, discussed mysteries
    of the universe, conjectures and refutations
    of probable twistor realities revealing in me a scientist –
    some thing I had wanted to become.

    Our spirits melded, rhythms jostled,
    we spoke of love, affirming our self-same
    similarities. As lovers, dynamic forces
    strengthened or weakened, responding
    to processes of attraction and revulsion.

    Through the spacetime boundaries
    of our marriage, fundamental weak interactions became charged.
    As you rebelled over quarks strange and charm
    I expressed degrees of freedom
    not before we joyously spun off another generation
    and our pairwise vanished down
    a black hole. Binary now, self-dual, there
    is no intersection where we meet for tea.

    Perbohner, Ann. “Quark/Antiquark.” Report Supplement: Poetry Folder — Selections from the Poetry Reading at Joint Mathematics Meetings 2012. Journal of Humanistic Mathematics, 2 (2): 47-78.  Claremont: Claremont Center for the Mathematical Sciences, 2012. 73. Online. Available at: http://scholarship.claremont.edu/jhm/vol2/iss2/5