• DNSChanger Malware

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    This is not a new virus and hopefully your computers have had software updates installed on a regular basis as well as antivirus software installed and updated. But it is possible that home or work computers have been infected. Thus I am posting this update.

    This piece of malware is actually pretty clever. It changes settings on your computer that will cause it to use rogue Internet servers to access Internet sites. The FBI shut down the rogue servers, but not before millions of computers were infected worldwide.

    Your own computer(s) may not be infected. It’s likely that an infected computer would appear to function normally but it will stop connecting to the Internet when the FBI stops running it’s own servers as temporary backups until public computers have their settings restored. You may also have or be able to get information from your home Internet Service Provider (ISP) about this issue.

    Going to this website can tell you (with some possibility for error) if your computer is infected with this virus.

    The above sites give some direction to remove the trojan and reset your settings. Additional information can be located elsewhere as well. http://www.dcwg.org/fix/

    Information from the FBI

    Article from PC Magazine



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